Winter Touring League (Courtesy Of Liam Ruth)

With the autumn series of races and the recent charity cycle taking over the Sundays during September/October, the tours have taken a backseat lately, so its been great to see a good turnout over the past two weeks. To add a bit of interest we’ve decided to run a touring league over the winter months to see who is the most consistant tourer of the season. Suggestions of a suitable prize welcome!

Current league table below which we’ll update weekly (or at least until we lose interest!). Turnout is from memory so if we’ve missed you let us know. Rankings strictly alphabetical so no complaints!

Update 9/11/08: Well done to the eleven brave souls who took to the wet and windy roads this morning! The updated league table is below and we’ve awarded a consolation point to Paul Byrne who made the effort to change into his gear, put his bike in the van and drive into the Duffry for the tour. Next week he might even bring his cycling shoes!

Update 16/11/08:  An even more miserable day than last Sunday saw 15 riders get a proper drenching this week. Paddy hopes to have prices for a club wetsuit and snorkel for next week! Good to see Davy and Toddy back out while Willie McDonald and Alan Galavan drove down from Carlow to join the ride.

Current table at top of page