Weekend 28th Feb/1st march

Saturday ride: Bill’s race training group: Last weekend of this training period before we go racing on the 8th in Newbridge. Sat looks good weather wise so plan to go back to Carlow to ride the Des Hanlon route as we didn’t get to the top the last time due to frost. Meet at Seven Oaks 10am. Car park and showers sorted. Don’t forget money for service and any spares, remember the 3 flats last week! Time has raced past since our meet all those mts ago and just one more big training day until first race, see ye all tomorrow

Bills Report: the racing group had our last winter training spin yesterday on the roads of the des hanlon. 48 miles of hardship due to the roads and very strong wind but we did get it all done in the dry. all eight riders finished safe, well and tired and ready for a rest week before our first race next week in newbridge. just one breakdown yesterday when corky broke a spoke but as ever bernie was on hand with back up. the showers in the seven oaks after the spin were very welcome and again thanks to keith for sorting that for us. now that this phase of training has come to an end i would like to thank all the lads, and especially bernie who never missed a spin, for their hard work and determination for the past few months. like all groups there are different strengths and weaknessess but ALL the lads have made great improvements and are an example to everyone in the club that if you work hard you will improve and get the best from what you have. that maybe to win an open race or to get around the sunday tour without being dropped but the satisfaction is the same when you know you have reached your goal and given 100% to do so. 
the next phase for the lads will now change. as more racing will be part of their week . from now on the organised training spins will take a backseat as the lads will be travelling to races far and near for the coming months. some will travell more and not always to the same races so some organised training may be possible but not weekly as before. i will now get to follow in the car or stand at the roadside but in some ways that is even harder than racing from a nerves point of veiw as when you are racing the nerves go once the race starts but on the side of the road they are a constant as you hope for a result, good luck, no crashes, etc and are powerless to anything about it. i don’t know if the lads will win or always have good luck but i do know that by their hard work they have given themselves a very good chance and time will tell. go n-éiri an t-adh libh


Saturday ride: Murry’s sportive training group leave ALDI at 9.30am. Strengthening south westerly wind so going to New Ross, Wexford to Drinagh roundabout and home. 100km approx. Might get a bit wet towards the end.

Sunday tour: From the Duffry Gate, Enniscorthy at 10am. Tour leader Mylie Kavanagh will be missing again this Sunday. Unfortunately weather forecast looks wet & windy again for Sunday at the moment.