Vet(ting) system

The Vets (“older” riders, NOT Animal Doctors) out there,  might be interested in an explanation of the ruling passed in 2007.

(a) Seniors on applying for their first veterans licence will be issued with a Veterans category (V1, V2, V3) in line with their most recent Senior category. However this can be appealed under rule T3.10 below.(b) Veteran 3’s on amassing 10 points will be upgraded to Senior 2’s.

(c) Veteran 2’s on amassing 15 points in a calendar year will be upgraded to Veteran 1’s.

(d) Veteran 2’s with less than 15 points at year-end carry 50% of total obtained, rounded down, to next year.

(e) Veteran 1’s on the first full year following their upgrade, and each year thereafter, must obtain 6 points, or revert back to Veteran 2 with the points obtained in their last year as a Veteran 1 rider.

(f) Veteran 2’s who obtain 5 points or less in a calendar year may revert to Veteran 3’s.