Touring & Racing meetings, Licences, Membership.

****The rescheduled meeting will now take place on WENDESDAY 27th at 8pm (probably in the Spencer suite again on the 2nd floor). Many thanks to every one who attended last weeks meeting.****** 

****Due to a big charity boxing event tonight in the Riverside the racing meeting has been postponed until next week. Apologies for the late notice but the hotel and car park will be mobbed tonight and our own David Dempsey is boxing and some members are attending to support him****

We mentioned a few weeks back that we would have two meetings prior to the AGM to get members feedback on the two main club activites Touring/Leisure cycling and Racing. The Touring/Leisure cycling get together will take place on Wendesday 20th and the Racing one on Friday 22nd both in Riverside Park Hotel at 8pm. The AGM is provisionally planned for the 29th November. (Venue to be confirmed).

The idea is to have two informal meetings, an open forum, where we can discuss ideas on how to progress in 2014, where we are doing things properly and where we can change and improve. The touring meeting might look at midweek or saturday spins for next year, how to attract more members or how we can get the most from our cycling. The racing meeting could look at club winter training, coaching, setting some plans and goals for 2014 and maybe making the move from inter club to open racing. We’ll also have a chat about revamping the club kit in 2014 at each meeting.

Hopefully we can put some ideas together that we can than take to the AGM for approval. We’re hoping this different approach will lead to a more productive AGM with more member imput.

Most importantly the two groups are not mutally exclusive – most members take part in both leisure events and also perhaps in the novice or club leagues. For that reason everyone is welcome to attend both meetings if they have a interest in both aspects.


Cycling Ireland licences for 2014 are available to order now at  http://www.cyclingireland.ie/

Licence prices and details are here >> http://www.cyclingireland.ie/page/membership/types-of-membership   For non racing the licences are €20/€25. If you plan on racing local interclub or novice league events you will need a Limited Competition Licence €60. For open racing you will need a full competition licence. For insurance & safety reasons the club strongly recommends all members taking part in club events have a CI licence.

The 2014 club affiliation fees to Cycling Ireland have been sent last week so the system should let you complete the licence order process now. There are help videos and instructions on the CI site to answer any queries. You also will have the option of paying your club membership along with you licence to CI this year and your club fee will then be forwared to the club. CI licences won’t issue until club membership is paid & confirmed.

Alternately you can also pay your club fees online to the club using paypal or credit/debit card by the link below. Club fees remain at €30 for adults, €50 for a family. (No charge for underage but they must take up a Cycling Ireland licence – €5 for U12/U14, €35 for U16, €50 for U18)

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