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Tour of Ireland – Stage 4

Geoff Martin, a good friend of Slaney CC, has emailed to let us know how stage FOUR of the Tour of Ireland went today!


Dear Liam,

“In what was a first for the Tour of Ireland, it followed the footsteps of its sister race, the Tour De France, by adding in a stage outside of the host country. This year in 2009, Stage 4, the final stage, was held in Australia, starting from Marrickville in the Inner West of Sydney, riding out 40kms to Waterfall, before returning back to Marrickville. Cavendish was in flat form today, having stayed up all night to watch the English demolish Australia in the final cricket test, and snatch back the ashes, and today’s surprise winner was Borat Sadimof of Astana, having left Armstrong and his team in an attack which was soon joined by Geoff Martin of the Irish side Slaney CC, and Colin of local host and wildcard entry team, Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club. Local knowledge by both Geoff and Colin ensured every shortcut known was taken, and the breakaway was never in doubt, won eventually by Borat of Astana when told that the ride is traditionally celebrated afterwards at the Marrickville Road Cafe, next to the Adult Bookshop. This only spurred him on.”

23rdaug09_1.jpg 23rdaug09_2.jpg 23rdaug09_3.jpg

(Photos) Borat Sadimof, Astana, Geoff Martin Slaney CC/Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club and Colin of Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club celebrating at the Marrickville Road Cafe before Borat disappeared into the Adult Bookshop. “

Liam hope all is well and no doubt you would have had much excitement with Lance going up Mt Leinster. Thought I would don the SCC colour today with all the buzz of the Tour of Ireland going on………

…..can i just say its still Winter. Today hit 25 degrees. Very unusual however. Felt just like a lovely summer day today, right in thick of winter!!! 

Say hi to the boys and gals.


(25 degrees. In the thick of Winter. Did it reach 25C here in the height of summer? Thanks very much for getting in touch Geoff. And I’ve finally realised where we’re going wrong with the Sunday tours – we need to change the meeting point to just outside the Luvstuff Adult Bookshop. BTW I don’t believe for a minute that Geoff and friends were looking at the internet cafe window! Why not visit Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club website )