Tour etiquette

“Hello All, A Great Spin today. Another great Turn out. Weather smiled on us all this morning.
One point of note to all riders. If towards the back of the group and a rider pulls over for Puncture /Mechanical. Front of the group has to know someone has stopped. I know it’s easier in a small group but in a large group like today we really need to Slow or Stop the group until we know the rider or riders are OK.
Apologies to Rita & Pat who got left behind this morning & were unsure of the route & last week we lost a new comer to the tour during the spin. It not nice when your that rider & it can be a long way home.
On future tours & training spins.
Where a rider has an issue the group can progress at a slower rate, while 2 riders stop to assist, after about 10 minutes the group turns to come back. Once together the group can turn back onto the tour route.
As this mornings situation shows, mobiles don’t help the situation as Rita tried a few of the group me included & I heard nothing until I got home & checked my phone.

So lets be more aware we don’t want to leave anyone out there.
Thanks All & see you next week
Mick Howe.”