The four wisemen

And so it came to pass that an angel appeared to the four wise men telling them to pass the shepards tending their sheep and follow a star to where a great leader of men would be born. And so Caspar, Melchior, Balthazar and Mylie mounted their asses and travelled in circles around the land of David ( Davidstown) until they could hear a tall bearded man in loud and strident tones tell of the immenient arrival of the new baby. A baby who would grow and lead men to the heights of the Mount (Leinster), to the distant windswept sea (The Hook) and in circles around the flat and arid desert of Camross.

Hearing the news every hour, on the hour, they knew the message must be absolutely true because it was the prophet Gahan on SE radio and for he had never exaggerated in his life and they arrived at the manger with their gifts of Guinness, wine, more wine and carbon. And the prophet Gahen said to Mylie, who was also a stone mason, to carve the name Emmanuel on a stone tablet to mark the arrival.

And Mylie looked at the granite tablet and at his little hammer and chisel, thought how long the name Emmanuel was, and said “…… Feck it, I’ll call him Murry”

Happy birthday to Saturday tour leader and Christmas baby Murry McDonald on his significant birthday today!