Sprocket Rocket Demo Event

Thanks to everyone who turned up in wet conditions for todays event. Conor took his first head over handlebars faceplant off the high ramp but lived to tell the tale and ride home afterwards! Well done to Finn Murphy who crashed on Castle Hill on the way to the Prom and again in Chivers yard but was still up to cycling home! (this is starting to read like an A4 race report). Thanks to Pat for organising the event and Mick, Paul & Marie for helping out. Pity about the weather as a fine day would have brought a big crowd out to watch. Maybe next year.

As part of the  http://enniscorthystreetrhythms.com/ festival this weekend, Slaney CC are putting on a demo event from 2-3pm on Saturday in H Murphys (Chivers) Yard on the Prom. Anyone who took part in previous Sprocket Rocket events in Donohoes or Bellefield are welcome to attend. Any youngsters between 7-12 years old are also welcome to bring their own bikes along and try their hand at some of the skills. Paul Nolan from http://www.kennysforbikes.com/ will do a free bike check for anyone bringing their own bike. Helmets compulsory & all welcome!