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Slaney League, Round 5 Review

Last night saw the last Slaney League race for 2019 take place in Crossabeg. A dedicated group of riders signed on to race the 8 laps of this short circuit. Paul Barry of Rossbury took the victory with Alan Mackey/ Rossbury in second and Hugh Byrne/Barrow Wheelers in third.

In the Over 50’s race Fran Maddock came in the winner with Pat Whitney in second. In the Novice category Alan O’Rourke finished in first place to Liam Harmon in second.

Round 5 Results

  1. Paul Barry/Rossbury 10pts
  2. Alan Mackey/Rossbury 8pts
  3. Hugh Byrne/barrow Wheelers 6pts
  4. Hugh Maguire/Wexford Wheelers 5pts
  5. Emmet Egan/Gorey CC 4pts
  6. Fran Maddock/Slaney CC 3pts
  7. David Murphy/Rossbury 2pts
  8. Fran O’Toole/Unattached 1pt

Over 50’s

  1. Fran Maddock/Slaney CC 10pts
  2. Pat Whitney/Slaney CC 8pts


  1. Alan O’Rourke 10pts
  2. Liam Harmon 8pts

Overall results

The A4 League proved to be very close in the end with Alan Mackey and Hugh Byrne share top honours. Even the next place was shared between Hugh Maguire and Paul Barry. Next overall was Emmet Egan.

In the Over 50’s League our own Fran Maddock took overall top honours with David O’Neill in second.

Alan O’Rourke took first place in the Novice League with Gillian Power and Johnny Brennan finishing joint second place.

Overall A4

  1. Alan Mackey, Hugh Byrne 28pts
  2. Hugh Maguire, Paul Barry 14pts
  3. Emmet Egan 12pts
  4. Gary Frehill, Michael walsh 10pts
  5. Luke Goff 8pts
  6. Antonio Bove, David O’Neill, Fran Maddock 6pts
  7. Dave Whitty, Mick Walsh 5pts
  8. David Murphy 1pt

Over 50’s

  1. Fran Maddock 36Pts
  2. David O’Neill 20pts
  3. Joe Fortune 12pts
  4. Pat Whitney 8pts


  1. Alan O’Rourke 38pts
  2. Gillian Power, Johnny Brennan 16pts
  3. Liam Harmon 8pts
  4. Linda Kelly 6pts