Slaney League Round 2

Round 2 of the Slaney League took place on Wednesday evening with better weather bringing more spirited racers. As like in Round 1, Alan Mackey made 2 wins out of 2, with Hugh Byrne 2nd and Antonio Bove 3rd. Unfortunately for Slaney’s Luke Goff, a broken chain on the very first lap denied him a chance to give to hold on to his 2nd place overall after Round 1.

  1. Alan Mackey, Rossbury 10pts
  2. Hugh Byrne, Barrow Wheelers 8pts
  3. Antonio Bove, Barrow Wheelers 6pts
  4. Hugh Maguire, Wexford Wheelers 5pts
  5. Michael Walsh, Barrow Wheelers 4pts
  6. David O’Neill, Wexford Wheelers 3pts
  7. Paul Barry, Rossbury 2pts
  8. Emmet Egan, Gorey CC 1pt

Over 50’s

*Correction * In last week’s Round 1 race, David O’Neill was actually the first Over 50 over the line and not Fran Maddock. The overall points tally will now be updated to allow for this.  

Round 2 result

  1. David O’Neill, Wexford Wheelers 10pts
  2. Fran Maddock, Slaney CC 8pts
  3. Joe Fortune, Slaney CC 6pts

Novice League

  1. Alan O’Rourke, Slaney CC 10pts
  2. Gillian Power, Slaney CC 8pts
  3. Johnny Brennan, Slaney CC 6pts

Pictures courtesy of Sean Rowe. For more photo’s from Wednesday night’s racing, follow this link to Sean’s album of the race :