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Slaney Cyclists for Alpe d’Huez

Five members of Slaney Cycling Club fly out next saturday morning to the south of France for a week of cycling in the Alps in aid of The Coffee Kids Foundation. They are part of a ten man team made up of Scalders, Yellow Bellies, part of the “Clonroche Crowd”, Northern Culchies and humble Dubs and hopefully We’ll get a chance to humble the Dubs in Croker at the end of August! What odds will you give Bart?

Paddy Dunne, Frank Dunne, Steven Kelly, Shane Kelly and Pat Whitney lead the Slaney contingent and will join up with Johnny Gordan, Peter Carr, David Carr, Bart Glover and Harry O’ Kelly. The most important non cycling member of the team is George Chadwick who will be the transport manager and could be in great demand towards the end of the week. Make sure you have his mobile number which is on page three of the Itinerary. Bart did a fantastic job in preparing this excellent booklet which lays out in graphic details the gradients of the Ventoux, Croix de Fer, Alpe d’Huez, Col de Glandon, Col du Galibier and the Col d’Izoard to name but a few.

Heres hoping the weather is better in France, imagine sunshine and short sleeved jersies again! Speaking of jersies, the  gear supplied for the trip is first class and great credit must go to Peter Carr, Bart Glover, Harry O’ Kelly and Steven Kelly for their kind sponsorship and all the hard work that went into organising the event.

Since February, club members have been on the roads of Lanzorote, France, The Pyrenees, Italy and now for the Alps. We do get around!�