Slaney CC Fantasy Tour de France Mini league

So 10 days to the start of the 100th Tour de France. Time for all potential Director Sportifs out there to pick their team and join the Slaney fantasy league. Just click on  http://www.velogames.com/ select your 9 riders within your allotted budget and join the Slaney mini league. When you have your team selected just use the access code below to join the Slaney mini league. You can make any changes you want to your team up to the start of stage 1. After that, like Bjarne Riis and Nicolas Roche, you’re stuck with your choice! 

After each stage the Slaney league will be updated with your riders points. There’s no cost and all you need is an email address. The code you need to join the Slaney league is 19222229 and we’ve a month to come up with a winners prize!