Slaney CC A4/Novice League begins on Wens April 20th


Racing on the (in)famous Davidstown circuit returns on Wens April 20th for five weeks.

Same format as last year which worked well – so the order of groups on the road for the two races will be;

Race 1             5 laps                   1st Group – Vets over 50 with an A4 or Club licence

2nd Group – All A4 licences

Race 2           3 laps                    Novice/tourers – all club licence holders, touring, novice riders starting together.

As always the format will be reviewed as we go on depending on results, numbers riding and rider feedback and will be tweaked if necessary.

All the clubs have lots on new members who have never raced before and novices will not get a better place to start racing and the more taking part the more benefit everyone will get. You won’t get a safer circuit to start your racing career!

List of assigned marshalls for April 20th

to follow


What do I need to do to take part?

Firstly you MUST have a 2016 Cycling Ireland LIMITED COMPETITION Licence or an A4 racing licence. If you have an introductory or leisure licence you must upgrade to a Club competition licence. You just pay the difference between the licence you paid for and the club licence fee.   Link :

Secondly you MUST register with Cycling Wexford and select 2 nights to marshal at a Wexford event. This costs €15 but includes free entry to the CountyChampionships.  Link :

Finally you need to do so soon or your name won’t appear on the start sheet. If you are not on the Wexford Cycling registration list you will NOT be allowed race.  This will be strictly enforced as its unfair to all the riders who have signed on for marshalling duties.

(Exception being riders from outside the county, MarbleCity for example, who may attend the odd race but don’t need to register)

Sign on will be from 6.15pm and first race will need to start at 7pm sharp to ensure we have enough light. Bring a €5 sign on – (no cheques, credit cards or €50 notes please!)