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Portlaoise Grand Prix

 Great result for Slaney

The club was well represented in Portlaoise today with Frank Dunne and Alex Williams in the A/B race and Murt Doyle, Shane kelly,Steven Kelly, Ken Blanche and Paddy Dunne in the combined race. Hope I have all the names!

Murt Doyle was placed 3rd o/all in the C event with Shane Kelly taking the first u/placed junior pot. Steven, Ken and Paddy all Finished safely in the peleton. Paddy Dunne was off the front from the gun with all those recovery rides in Lanzorote paying dividends!

In the A/B race Alex Williams finished in 4th place. Following Murts example, Alex escaped with the successfull break and rode strongly to finish in the prize money. Frank Dunne still recovering from a fractured elbow managed to finish with the bunch after eighty tough miles.

Well done to Murt, Alex and Shane and to all Slaney riders who flew the flag today.