Mount Leinster Strava KOM


As an extra innovation on this years Mount Leinster we put up a KOM jersey for the fastest ascent of the Corrobutt Gap with the winner chosen from the fastest time uploaded to Strava from the event. There were some seriously fast climbers on the day with our own Paul Bolger clocking 7 mins 28 secs, Mick McLean 7.40 and Phil Skelton 8.26. 

180513-06                                              180513-07               

However the fastest time uploaded to date is another local man, Derrick Evans from SERC, in a super time of 6 minutes 48 seconds. And he even was able to smile for the camera! How fast is that? Well only Ryan Sherlock has ridden it faster. All the times are on the stava link below. (At this time I don’t see any woman posting times although we had quite a few on the event)