Mount Leinster Challenge 2014 – Sunshine, Blues Skies & 20deg C!

Another great Mount Leinster! Thanks to the riders, the helpers, the, marshals, the drivers, the cooks & bottlewashers! 323 riders took part and we hope had an enjoyable day. We wish a speedy recover to the couple of riders who fell and hope they are back on the bike soon. Its been a looooooong day – more tomorrow……

Photos, photos, photos >>>  https://pix.ie/LiamR

Please support our sponsors, listed in the post below,  who made the day possible.

Our friends in Orwell Wheelers are big supporters of the Mount Leinster each year and have put together this great little slide show of the MLC2014. See their report >>  http://www.orwellwheelers.org/leisure-articles/630-leisure-cycling-2014-week-7 


Some nice comments on Boards about the MLC

  • needmorebeers Great day for it today. Met Quozl and Smcclaw. Foolishly stayed with the big boys until about 3km before the food stop. Pretty knackered for the second half but very enjoyable spin. Burger and beers made all ok again. 05:06 rolling for 136.4km/1795m. Fastest I’ve ever done it so quite pleased with myself.
  • slowcyclist Excellent marshalling, excellent company. Enjoyed the day, and in particular my first time on the Corrobutt Gap. Wimped out in the end – had signed up for the 140km but only did the 100km in the end – I didn’t have the legs for a second climb up that hill today. Will be back next year.
  • buzzwaldo Great day, who could ask for better weather (in this country)-although the wind was rising. Did the 100 last year & had the 140 as a target, but my knee thought otherwise Enjoyable nonetheless, great spread at the stop. got up corrabut without stopping, for the first time, but will have to return…unfinished business.
  • at1withmyself From arrival to the GAA to the finish what a great day the Slaney CC put on, free tea / coffee in the morning and the glorious sunshine at the start. Nice goody bag as well including multiple energy products, €10 Wheelworx voucher and a nice Beenie cap (although not my colour!) given out at the start as well. Set off and stead in the lead group for the first hour before dropping back, felt the pace was too high for me knowing what was ahead plus I was just wheel sucking and glad I did as I started looking around rather watching wheels in front and began to enjoy the scenery! Stead on my own then for the rest of the day but there was a good number out on the road and on the climbs. First ascent of Mount Leinster and on the steep part a sign saying 100m to go so once over that I thought it wasn’t that bad and then realised that was only the steep section but after that the rest was just a long drag and not the downhill as there was a slight downhill section there. The downhill itself was fun and a bit technical but I just took it handy and rolled down most of the way.The food stop was fantastic and at that point I thought about dropping out with 100km as not sure if the legs could do the steep section again but was told we didn’t go over it a second time so headed off for second loop and it was a long haul to the top but the views form the mountain were spectacular and glad I did the second loop. Nice fast finish then to the end as it was mainly downhill.Some drinks, food and even a medal at the finish was nice and unexpected. Completed the challenge in 5 hours rolling time so very happy with that after a tough day previous in the Wicklow mountains. Very well organised and perhaps one of the best value sportiffs I have ever done.
  • kenco Really good day out – well organised, a stress free start with the carpark and handy to get to. Organisation was good (esp the foodstop – the best in ireland!) although there was no one at bunclody crossroads. One new addition was the tent in the carpark which was a great idea as the atmosphere before and after was excellent which can be lacking in some saturday sportives.  After doing the Orwell Randonee this year i though i had A1 prep done for this. Set out with the first group and was chewed and spat out after 15k and struggled (thanks corrubutt!)to the foodstop . i carried on to do the 140 but was badly dehydrated. Surprisingly hot day – drank 6 bottles of water (last year i drank 1.) There were a few crashes along the way – we were going a good clip and a dog ran out of a driveway right into the middle of our group and took 3 or 4 out. does anyone know if they are alright? Was absolutely cooked after it. Went to bed at 12 and only out of it now! It was the toughest day on the bike in a long while.
  • fondriest Great day as usual laid on by Slaney cc , perfect weather and my own body weight in cakes from the food stop helped me enjoy it all the more . I rode to and from the event so had 210km on the clock by the time I got to the sofa . Let’s just say I slept well last night .