Mount Leinster Challenge 2010


Some emails recieved;

Hi Pat,   Had a luvley day and well worth the bit of hardship. The whole setup was first class especially the food stops. Thanks for waiting for the lantern rouge. Someone has to occupy that position,so i supose at a month off seventy I might be the senior man and entitled to that position. I must mention **** for the last fill of water,and the reassurance that even at that late stage they would still provide backup, and dismissed any doubts I had about being a nuisance. Congratulations to all concerned, as all the work ensured that we all had a day to remember,to counter the ones we prefer to forget. Hope to see tou all next year, if Ihav the legs, and best if luck for the my native county in the Ras, Regards, BA

Hi To all in SCC.  Just a quick note to say thank you for the magnificent event you put in place on saturday (and you even managed to arrange the nicest weather we’ve had for what seems an eternity). On our second visit we actually got to enjoy the panorama from the nine stones, after we cleared the sweat from our eyes.  You have a great course, backed up with first class organisation, and a catering division that is second to none (I’d happily give the €25 just to sample the food in Kiltealy).

We will most definitly come back again next year, and its no exageration to say the Mount Leinster Challange has become one of the highlights of our year. Thanks again BC (Killarney) 

Just  a quick thanks for the excellent organisation at the Mount Leinster Challenge this year! This was my first time and I did the 140km and was delighted to finish in a good time, though next year I’ll be faster! Thanks very much in particular to all those who gave their time and the ladies in Kiltealy for a wonderful food stop! See you all again next year!   BA Naas CC

Well done to you all down Slaney side- you organised a very good day out. The pace car early was a good idea as it kept the bunch together. Kiltealy was top class and thanks for that to everyone involved there. A real good tough cycle blessed by good weather.  AC Kildare

First and most importantly I’d like to say that it was a fantastic event on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and came home buzzing. As always the tea stop was worth stopping for, the countryside was displayed at its best and the friendliness of other riders was wonderful. Thanks for a great day & I’m already looking forward to next year (hoping the weather will not be on a two year cycle!!)

However can I ask you to highlight the need for some consideration from cyclists, on two fronts:

  1. banana skins are not native to the Irish countryside and are classified as litter. It was good to see an absence of the same disposal treatment for bar or gel wraps but cyclists still seem to have a blind eye when it comes to banana skins and I saw an untold amount of them lobbed over the ditch. Can you reinforce the message of ‘leave no trace’
  2. Also the amount of peeing at the entrance to someone’s drive was not polite. There are plenty of remote field gates that offer some pretence at modesty & some consideration for others.

  Thanks again for a great day. DH

Hi there,  Just wondering if there are going to be photos posted up anywhere for the 2010 event? Great sportive by the way. Legendary food stop 🙂 regards AL

(Just regarding the last two emails Pat and Mary spent a lot of time picking up empty water bottles which had been just thrown on the side of the road which is unacceptable. So much so that for the second water stop on the mountain we just refilled riders own bottles and disposed of the empties ourselves. For the past few years both Eamonn Redmond & I have had time to take pictures on the Corrobutt but Eamonn was tied up attending to numerous mechanical problems at the bottom of the mountain while it took me nearly 40 minutes to clear the funeral, take a detour and get back on course! This is definitely on our list for 2011. If any one has photos they would like to share send them to me)