More disturbing news from Wexford….


Following last weeks revelations in the local newspapers of a vice ring operating from a house opposite Rowe Street church, Wexford town gardai have released a photo of the prime suspect, the missing link in the chain, so to speak. Suspected of frightening old ladies, scaring young children and worrying good looking sheep, senior gardai have warned that this sad individual should not be approached alone.  ” We don’t know why he dresses in such a ridiculous way (ESPECIALLY AS HE HAS A PERFECTLY GOOD JERSEY OF HIS OWN) but our advice is to treat anyone wearing this outfit with suspicion ” said Inspector Gill. Garda intelligence (sic) has also revealed there may be a collection of such individuals dressing in tight, revealing, lycra and wearing identical clothes to the suspect, as a group of them has been observed on Sunday mornings in the Bull Ring area. (We’d like to thank ‘Inspector’ Gill for sending us the picture!)