Ladies Leisure Cycle 2 – October 16th

Rita Dempsey has stepped up to the mark again this year by organising Slaney CC’s ‘Ladies Only’ tour. Sunday October 16th is the date and the meeting point again this year is at the Riverside Park Hotel where we’ll also have showers and coffee & sandwichs available after the spin. We hope to see all our friends from last year riding and hopefully plenty more too. The spin is for enthuisastic club cyclists or anyone who is just riding their bicycle for fun. All proceeds go to the Be Smear Aware campaign with Slaney CC happy to provide the refreshments, goodies & backup.


The plan this year is for a short spin, about 20-25kms, and a longer 50-60km spin to cater for different fitness levels. No matter what your fitness level is or what type of bike your riding all are welcome and no one will be left behind. We’ll also have a broom wagon in case any one has a mechanical or just needs a break. The more experienced girls will be happy to share their knowledge and as usual we’ll have a few male riders along to give a hand and try and answer any queries, give advice and take the headwind.

Feel free to print off the poster and post in your local club, swimming pool or leisure centre.