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Gorey 3 day: stage 4

 Alex Prize giving

So the Gorey is over for yet another year and SCC riders have once again improved on last’s years performance. Today stage had no bearing on the GC as all contenders finished in the main group and our riders GC standings are as follows:

8 128 2h29’35″/99 Williams,Alex C Slaney CC 7h52’59” @02’56”
36 123 2h29’35″/34 Doyle,Murt C Slaney CC 7h57’06” @07’03”
56 122 2h29’35″/49 Collier,Sean C Slaney CC 8h00’06” @10’03”
103 126 2h29’35″/32 Romanowicz,Tomasz C Slaney CC 8h17’01” @26’58”
106 124 2h29’35″/101 Murphy,Alan C Slaney CC 8h21’09” @31’06”
115 127 2h33’45″/123 Szczech,Danial C Slaney CC 8h33’32” @43’29”
125 121 2h33’35″/122 Byrne,Mick C Slaney CC 8h46’29” @56’26”

On top of his 8th overall, Alex also finished 5th in the King of the Mountains and 9th in the Points competitions respectively.

All the riders who started, completed the event, a tribute to their hard work during pre-season training.  A huge thank you should go to the support crew who followed the riders throughout the 4 stage event.

Well done to all and by the looks of things, 2009 will be VERY interesting.

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