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Frank O’ Rourke Memorial

SCC had 8 riders (hope I have everyone!) represent the club in today’s Wexford Wheeler’s race.  Murt, Pat, Paddy, Bill, Gianni, Stephen, Shane and Willie all lined up for what turned out to be a great race on a new, excellent circuit. 

SCC riders were active throughout the race, with Murt, Stephen, Shane and Gianni all trying to get across to a group or starting their own break.

The first 2 laps featured a lot of action and then the 2 favourits and eventual 1st & 2nd placed riders, Sam Bennett and Martin O’ Loughlin made the decisive break on lap 2.

On lap 3 another group sneaked of the front. Gianni tried to get across but stuck in no man’s land (no legs land?) he was brought back by the bunch.

With a few km to go, a few Comeragh riders forced the pace at the top of the last hill and Gianni managed to get across, followed by new Wheeler’s talent Simon Lambert. The group of 6 managed to hold off the main bunch (containing Murt, Stephen and Shane ) to the finish line.

A big thank you to John Butler for doing backup and to all the others for the support on the road.