Dunlavin report

A huge turnout for the club at the infamous Dunlavin race.  Murt, Gianni and Heather were there to take on allcomers.

While Murt was wise enough to stay in the bunch for the first lap, unfortunately Gianni had the wise idea to go with the break after  a few miles.  This all or nothing attitude only helped to get him shelled out the back 100m from the top of the climb and provide an excuse for an early shower.  When interviewed by radio SCC, his only comment was “I thought I would make it…….I was wrong”. 

Friends and family are still recovering from his foolhardy attempt, although his wife was said to be happy, as he was home early enough to help with the gardening.  No rest for the wicked (or stupid either!)

On a more positive note, Murt Doyle finished in the bunch, once again flying the flag, as was Heather who seems to be riding better and better each week.

See you all next week in Ashford and Navan….this time it’s YOUR turn to get into a break 🙂

— this article was kindly written by LastInThePack aka G

(Editor’s note – in my defense I felt good………………at the start.)