Davidstown League Round 5

Final League Table:       Slaney League 2015 Final


Quick results: Wins for Phil Skelton and Tom Purcell tonight. I’ll do up a final league table tomorrow but Jonathon Russell SERC has won the Novice league while Phil Skeltons win tonight leaves him tied with Declan Delaney Barrow Wheelers  on 24 points for the overall A4/O50 league. Photos later.

Thanks to drivers Peter McGowan, Mick Howe, John Busher and Bernie Dempsey tonight and to all our marshals over the past five weeks. Time for a break!



  1. Phil Skelton Slaney CC
  2. Robert Roche Wexford Wheelers
  3. Mick Barron Marble City Cyclers
  4. Fran Maddock Wexford Wheelers
  5. Dave Allen Wexford Wheelers
  6. Declan Delaney Marble City Cyclers
  7. Alan Lawlor Wexford Wheelers
  8. Fergal Kennedy Marble City Cyclers


  1. Tom Purcell Gorey CC
  2. Nigel McCord Racing 795
  3. Robert Webster Slaney CC
  4. Gerry Hanratty SERC
  5. Brian Sugrue SERC
  6. Greg Penney Gorey CC


The 5th and final round of the Slaney A4/Novice league takes place tomorrow night at 7pm in Davidstown. The allocation of five marshals from Wexford Cycling is a big help and allows us to keep our races safe and to marshal extra junctions. To date all the twenty marshals assigned to the race have turned up and we’re sure tomorrow will be no different. Thanks to one and all.

This weeks Wexford cycling marshals are;

  1. Martin O’Connor
  2. Brian Cullen
  3. Micheal McLean
  4. Liam Cullen
  5. Peter McGowan

To run the Davidstown races we need 13 bodies;

  • 3 lead cars
  • 2 marshals for The Leap junction
  • 4 marshals for Clonroche junction (+2 for Boolabawn junction if we have the numbers)
  • 3 marshals for the final corner
  • 1 marshal for finish line

As you can see we still need our own members & friends to give us a dig out. So if anyone is free for an hour or so from 6.45pm to 8pm please come and give us a hand. Drop Liam a text on 087 8334592 if you are free.

The league table after round 4 is here: Slaney League 2015 after 4 races   Declan Delaney from Barrow Wheelers is leading the league and a top three finish will see him crowed champion while Jonathan Russell SERC has a big lead in the novice divison but all could still change tomorrow night! We won’t have prizes ready for tomorrow but we can have a chat about when we’ll arrange a presentation.