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Attached below is an Excel sheet CI have sent of licence holders as at March 24th which might be interest to the anoraks out there. 4,993 licences is nice little earner….!

CI-Members-Mar24th(2)                       CI-Members-Mar24th(SlaneyCC) 

I’ve filtered the second sheet to just Slaney members. If anyone has the wrong category let me know. Pat Dobbs, Rita Boyle and Ryan Byrne are missing from list as their licences are being processed this week. I’ve returned Graham Hartnetts licence as he is actually u/12, and re-re-requested the handbooks. Must be nearly 150 licences in total in Wexford County. Whats the chance of getting them all on the same road, on the same day, at the same time?

From Cycling Ireland: 25/03/2010, Update on 2010 Licences

    Cycling Ireland would like to provide the following update to members and clubs regarding the status of 2010 licence applications.

 At present there are 4992  licences for 2010 distributed to 178 affiliated clubs this year, representing an additional 700 members on the same period last year. We would like to apologise for the delay experienced by some members in receiving their 2010 licences. This was due to service difficulties encountered with the rollout of a new membership system. As a result the office staff were unable to print licence cards until early February. This combined with the delayed opening of the online payment system and additional queries related to the new licence grading system generated a backlog of applications.

 We would also like to apologise for the difficulties experience in contacting the office during the past few months. We are conducting a review of operations with a view to improving the communication to members re the status of applications etc.

 At present there is no backlog of applications so licences can be issued within 5 days of receipt of all the necessary details and payment. Cycling Ireland is continue to work with our service provider to improve the registration process. A detailed guide for clubs and members to the online process will be available next month.

Finally If you have any problems with your current 2010 licence please contact the office on (info@cyclingireland.ie or by phone to 01 8551522)  to arrange for a re-print.

Geoff Liffey
Cycling Ireland