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Cycling Ireland License Clarification

At our recent A.G.M., a question was asked about the status of novices with no CI license joining our spins or what happens if a random cyclist who isn’t a CI member meets a club spin on the road and decides to tag along. SCC has raised this with CI and got the following response:

Novices – “Anyone who is out on a cycle with the club that wants to be covered by insurance would need to have Cycling Ireland membership. A club can take a new member out on a maximum of three occasions on introductory sessions where they will be covered however after this they would need to take out their own membership”

Non CI licensed random cyclist – “The non-licence holder is not covered under insurance, they are effectively participating at their own risk”. Note that SCC will not be held responsible or liable for any claims from any persons joining our spins who do not hold a current CI license.

It is advisable that the respective tour leader clarify the above to novices or any random cyclist who decides to tag along with us in an ad hoc manner.