Club Gear

I’m planning to set up a page here where we can keep a regularily updated list of club stock in hand. Theres a long lead in time to getting new stock and as the clothes must be paid for in advance a lot of club funds are tied up in gear. Since the current club strip was launched we’ve purchased over €25,000 worth of gear.  Hopefully the page will allow members who need jerseys or shorts to keep and eye on stock levels and get them before they run out.

In the mean time below is an excel sheet of the club stock in hand at Kennys for Bikes at the end of March. (Sizes – Bear in mind that cycling clothes seem to be designed for 9 stone heavy Italian climbers so a large jersey is probably equivelent to a small T shirt.) Thanks are due to Paul for looking after the stock on the clubs behalf. The club sells the gear at cost price or with just a small margin to round off the prices. Included in the list are winter thermal jackets which we are selling at €80. This will probably be the last time we order these jackets as the latest price list will see them rise to over €130 so if you are looking for a bargain grab one now. 

Slaney Stock 300310