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Betty D’Arcy Memorial

With one of the biggest contingents of SCC riders at an open race so far, things were looking good for some results but unfortunately chaos and confusion reigned the day.

On lap 2 the race was brought to a shuddering stop with the head on crash between last year’s winner Laurent Dumoulin and a car driving in the opposite direction. Needles to say the group decided to call a stop to the racing and soft pedalled towards the start / finish area.

We were then told that the race was (understandably) cancelled and that we should ride directly back to Gorey.  Unfortunatel it seems as if later on, the race was re-started with around 25 of the orignal 60+ riders. 

While racing is important, taking into consideration the rider’s crash, the distress caused to the lady in the car, the obvious somber mood of the riders and the fact that all the main contenders had left, it may have been more sensible to not re-start the race.