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Ashford GP

Heather and Gianni took part in today’s Ashford GP.  With a flat course and bunch of around 50-60 it was alwasy going to be tough to get away.

Together with the ever active Wheelers (Joe and Maritn) + a few of the SERC riders (Cahill Redmond attacked ALL day!), Gianni tried to join a few breaks.  Unfortunately the main bunch reeled them all  back.

With one lap to go Martin attacked once more with Cahill following and Gianni once more grovelling for their wheels. Alas it was not to be, the last drag was a bit too much and he lost Cahill’s wheel, who went on to join Martin.  With 2km to go, the pair held everyone off, with Cahill taking first and Martin second.  The main bunch galloped in 1 second later, with Gianni finishing 8th or 9th and Heather following soon after.