SERC Falling Leaves Classic


Mike McLean at the Falling Leaves Classic today 

Tonto Brady took his best position in an open race today with a great 8th position in the A4 race. Tonto was away in the final select group on the day which came to the line sprinting for second place about 10seconds behind the lone winner John McCormack (Unattached). The winner attacked the last time up the long climb and had to time to stop at the top of the climb to pick up his only water bottle (which he’d dropped on the previous lap) before powering on to victory! WW’s Dave Allen took 4th in the sprint. Alan Galavan and Frank O’Leary were both in attacking form in the A2/3 race but were never able to leave the main bunch and  catch the evenutal winner who broke away early. Murt Doyle, Caimin Ruth(punctured) and Mike McLean were also racing today. Anthony Doyle took 5th.   Some Race Pictures below

A2/3 Race

220810-03   220810-04  220810-06

220810-09  220810-10  220810-13

220810-16  220810-18  220810-19

A4 Race

220810-20  220810-21  220810-22

220810-23  220810-24  220810-25

220810-26  220810-27  220810-28

220810-29  220810-30  220810-31