WhatsApp Etiquette

Slaney Cycling Club uses the WhatsApp group messaging app as a primary means of communication among its members. The purpose of SCC WhatsApp groups is to share information relevant to cycling only. Everybody is welcome to participate in cycling related discussion in these groups. With more than 60 members in the SCC WhatsApp groups, it becomes extremely important to ensure that the group discussion is focused, and we do not get overwhelmed with too many messages.

Here are a few guidelines to help all of us communicate effectively in the various SCC WhatsApp groups:

Discuss cycling topics only: The purpose of the SCC WhatsApp groups is to share cycling related information only. All non-cycling topics should only be shared on the SCC Social WhatsApp group. If you feel that your message is extremely important to be shared with a larger group, please use other social networking platforms (like your personal Facebook wall, Twitter feed) to share your message.

Do not share grievances: We all get annoyed at something every now and then but sharing our grievances on social media is not a place for them. If you have a genuine grievance, please discuss in person with your group leader/tour captain or any committee member.

Limit posting photos: Limit posting photos to one (or maximum two) per ride or event. Select your best photos to post. And if you have multiple photos that you would like to share, create a collage using freely available collage-making tools. This is not only considerate to other members’ mobile data limits, it also helps in maintaining focused discussions in the groups.

Avoid posting video clips: Posting video clips directly to the group should be absolutely avoided. If you have a relevant video that needs to be shared with the group, please share a link to the video on YouTube or any video hosting site.

Avoid greetings & kudos: Birthday & anniversary greetings and ride kudos should not be posted in the groups, since this will result in message overload. For birthday & anniversary wishes, we encourage you to do so one-on-one. For ride kudos, we encourage you to do so on the individual rider’s Strava activity.

We sincerely wish all SCC members adhere to these group messaging guidelines. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact any member of the committee.